“Managed Forest: Your Legacy, Their Future!” It is truly a privilege to own land resources within the USA. And as property owners, we can influence these uniquely designed ecosystems in many different ways to meet our personal desires. When we are actively managing our landscapes and natural resources, finding balance is the key between utilization and preservation that will allow for harmony to be maintained. We have witnessed great alterations to the land from the past as our nation grew at exponential rates. And now we are healing from sum of the un-sound practices that were thought of as acceptable standards. Our forests have proven to be resilient to some extent and have weathered through time. But the resilience will fade after repeated unsustainable offenses. Remember, finding balance is the key.

“We can use our forests in a way that will benefit our current needs while at the same time encourage and enhance the resource to be enjoyed for future generations. Land management is a perpetual long term endeavor that requires vision, good planning, and endurance. The great cutover from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s capitalized and temporarily exhausted our forest. These practices have shaped our current forest and provided resources to build the foundation of our communities. Those practices belong in the past and should not be forgotten. New management methods that are ethical and sustainable should be employed to allow for utilize of our forest to meet our needs while still remaining healthy and productive. Managing with a purpose and a plan will provide good reason when the industry is attacked by uninformed anti-management organizations and groups.