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Property owners worry that they won’t find the right forester who will protect their land. Sound Forest Management creates a plan to meet your landowner goals without sacrificing the health of your forest. At Sound Forest Management, we know how you value your land and that you have different management goals. We listen to your concerns and tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Our experienced forestry team provides exceptional guidance and support for your long term vision. Trust Sound Forest Management, the expert choice for sustainable land management.


Preserving Your Forest, Our Mission

My mission is to create a long-lasting and dependable relationship with my clients. I like to consider myself a Family Forester. Meaning your interest becomes my interest. Land management is a perpetual, long-term activity that requires vision, good planning and endurance. From the initial meeting with you to the implementation of management activities 10, 20, or 30 years down the road, SFM will be there to walk you through the steps to successfully meet your goals and objectives. We will provide cutting edge solutions that are scientifically and environmentally sound. SFM follows current market trends to ensure our clients have the best economic gain and resource solutions available. After working with SFM, you will be proud to pass your family land down from generation to generation.


B.S. Forest Management – UWSP
20 years working in Forest Management
25 years working in Natural Resources field
12 years experience in Wildland Fire & Prescribed Fires
CPW – Certified Plan Writer for the WI MFL Program
TSP – NRCS Technical Service Provider & Plan Writer
CF – Cooperating Forester with the WI DNR
RGS – Ruffed Grouse Society Consultant
CDL – Commercial Drivers License: Class ABC
Pesticide Licensed & Certified

RGS – Ruffed Grouse Society Consultant:
WTA – Wisconsin Traditional Archers:
FCFSP – Friends of Copper Falls State Park

Personal Passions

I have a passion for the outdoors and spending time with the ones I love. I find that outdoor adventures have brought more opportunities to spend with important people in my life. For instance, a back country hiking/backpacking trip to Isle Royale was the perfect bonding trip between friends. Which is why years later, I planned a different route on Isle Royale to share with my younger brother. I also have fond memories of bonding with uncles, cousins, and siblings at the deer camp. I am sure many of you can relate. These positive memories propelled me into learning the ins and outs of archery. Currently, I shoot a longbow and follow many traditional archery traditions. This has developed into a winter hobby of creating custom cedar arrows for future small game and deer hunts. I am looking forward to sharing this tradition with my nephews this winter. My wife introduced me to one of her passions a few years ago – bird hunting. She has me hooked and you can’t get either of us out of the woods in fall. We are searching for grouse, pheasants, turkeys, or ducks on our property with our faithful dogs. In the spring and summer, I am addicted to rivers, lakes, and streams testing my recently tied flies and my latest fly fishing skills. In the winter, I enjoy getting outdoors to snowshoe or ski. I love surprising my guests with hot chocolate or a winter camp fire. As you can see, I love the outdoors. The outdoors bring me nature, peace, and love. This is why I am the luckiest guy in the world, my job enables me to manage and protect the outdoors for future generations.