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Planning to Empower Your Woodland Legacy

Begin Your Sustainable Forestry Journey with Sound Forest Management Management Plans
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Sound Forest Management provides landowners with assistance for all land management activities. SFM manages the forest for health, wildlife, recreation, aesthetics, and scenery improvement. We are committed to your landowner goals in our management services. Planning is the first step to any project. A management plan is essentially the blue print that is designed specifically for your property. In it are all of the details and guidelines of how to meet your landowner goals and objectives. A good management plan will provide a good description of the land’s current state and then outline the details and timeline for completing management activities over a long period of time. A plan should incorporate both long-term (greater than 25 yrs.) and short-term (less than 25 yrs.) goals.

Committed to Your Woodland Goals.  Landowner Assistance with all Land Management Activities

  • Develop Management Plans
  • Establish Timber Sales: marking & volume estimates
  • Write Timber Sale Contracts
  • Seek out Competitive Buyers/Markets
  • Hire Qualified Loggers with a Solid Reputation
  • Landowner Representative: “Agent to Client”
  • Operate According to Sound & Sustainable Management Techniques
  • File Necessary Legal Documents & Permits for Land Management Activities
  • Provide Assistance in Obtaining Cost Sharing & Grants

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Managing for your land usage while protecting aesthetics

Recreation Management

  • Enhancement of recreation goals such as hunting, hiking, and wildlife viewing
  • Trail planning or enhancement
  • Food plot planning and development

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Management

  • Timber Stand Improvement: Healthy Forest = Healthy Animals
  • Legacy Tree Retention
  • Trail Seeding & Food Plots: improving animal food sources
  • Habitat Management to increase wildlife such as deer, grouse, pheasants, waterfowl, migratory birds & songbirds

Forest Management

  • Forest Inventory
  • Long Term Management Planning
  • Sustainable Harvesting
  • Management Aligned with Landowner Goals for Recreation & Wildlife

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