Why Choose SFM?

Sound Forest Management, LLC is a forestry consulting firm servicing private landowners who need help planning and conducting land management activities. We bring experience and creativity to the table when looking at opportunities to enhance your property. It is our goal to create a personal relationship with our clients so we can gain the best understanding of their goals and interest to accurately integrate them into the long-term management of their lands. SFM will work from start to finish with clients on their projects to ensure that they are completed seamlessly and according to plan.

We are in it for the long haul! Creating solid relationships, providing dependable work and instilling confidence in our clients is what will allow for long-term trust and consistencies to be proven. Most landowners may only conduct a few major management activities over their lifetime. SFM is here to help you through these processes to ensure the activities are completed successfully, your goals are met and the natural resource is not deteriorated. We want you to be proud of the land legacy you leave to your children.