Management Planning

Planning is the first step to any project. A management plan is essentially the blue print that is designed specifically for your property. In it are all of the details, dimensions, and guidelines of how to meet your landowner goals and objectives. A good management plan will provide a good description of the lands current state and then outline the details and timeline for completing management activities over a long period of time. A plan should incorporate both long-term (greater than 25 yrs.) and short-term (less than 25 yrs.) goals.

Steps to a Successful Management Plan

  1. We will meet to discuss your landowner goals & objectives.
  2. We will inventory and gather information about the current condition of your land.
  3. SFM will create a sustainable management plan with a clear vision for your future forest.
  4. We will create a timeline and a step by step process to implement your plan.
  5. SFM will project the financial cost of improvements over time.
  6. SFM will project the financial gains of management over time.
  7. SFM will begin implementing your plan
  8. SFM will continue to review your plan suggesting improvements or adjustments as your goals or needs change.


Types of Management Plan

  • Forest Stewardship Management Plans
  • MFL (Managed Forest Law) Management Plans
  • USDA Forest Management Plans
  • Short Term Plans: Less than 25 year plan
  • Legacy Plans: Longer than 25 year plan